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I’m a metal sculptor who has loved all mediums of art since I was a little girl, but it wasn’t until I went to university and was encouraged to try sculpture that I realized how much I enjoyed this art form specifically.  Growing up with a father who is a welder it seemed natural to turn to metal as my material of choice.  For about ten years I’ve been sculpting here and there, but have recently decided that I would love to pursue it as a career.  I now take great joy in being able to create both large and small pieces to display inside or outside. 


I love the challenge of working with metal and shaping it into something natural, alive, and beautiful.  I seek inspiration from the world around me, from nature and from the people I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by.  Beyond that, I also accept commissions and love collaborating to bring your vision to life.


I grow more and more excited about my work everyday and am looking forward to seeing how I will continue to grow in creativity and as a person.


Thanks for stopping by!

it's all about ME!

Daniella Boerhof

metal artist

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